Posted on Sep 11, 2017

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How to Fix Slow Computer - My favorite tool to fix slow computer problems is CCleaner

of which I have been using for several years and to be frank I wouldn't operate a PC without it. I use it on every client PC that I service and also recommend that they continue use it to keep their PC running at it's best.
Fix Slow Computer - The Windows registry is the brain of the computer system

In time, as we use Windows more and more and install and uninstall different programs, our registry will get all scrambled up and take longer to find the information it needs to function properly.

As a result, that's another reason why your computer could be slowing down. In view of that, when you clean up and fix the registry problems your PC will run a lot faster because it finds it's information faster. By all means be cautious, tampering with your registry with some un-proven computer repair tools to fix slow computer problems can do more harm than good.
To Many Startup Programs Is A Problem

One other thing to look at is the startup programs (they startup in the background when your computer is starting up) the fewer the better, if you have more than 4 or 5 starting up with your system consider disabling as many as possible. Every time you install a new software program on your system it will most likely put a startup program in the startup folder slowing your computer down at startup.
Fix Slow Computer Using Free Software
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